Administrative services for purchase of real estate

Once you sign the agreement and become the formal owner of the real estate, the administrative part begins. A request for registration in the land registry needs to be drafted along with the contract to complete the transfer of ownership and obtain a certificate of title. Of course, the real estate agent will do it for you.

When you remember how much time of your life you have spent waiting in lines in front of various counters trying to obtain numerous certificates and legal documents, you will come to appreciate the service of your agent.

And finally, all those services are included in the agency's fee, from attorney's fees for drafting the purchase and sale documents, the submission of documents for registration, the submission of documents to the tax administration office for tax assessment, and even transferring all real estate utility costs to the new owner. Check our ‘turnkey’ service for yourself.

For its clients Biliškov Nekretnine offers the following services:
1. Document verification:
  • Excerpt from the Land Registry (consisting of the Inventory Sheet, Ownership Sheet and Encumbrance Sheet)
  • Construction and Occupancy Permit (for new buildings)
  • Certificate of Title (Cadastre)
  • Excerpt from the Cadastre (copy of the cadastral plan)
2. Request for registration of ownership rights
3. Rush notes
4. Assistance in preparing documents for the tax administration and submission of request
5. Submission of request to the Cadastre for change of ownership
6. Transfer of utilities to the new owner

Full service, in the true sense of the word.
From due diligence and real estate preparation to ownership transfer and you moving in
with all utilities transferred to your name.
'Turnkey' is not just a phrase for us.

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