Architectural services for purchase and sale of real estate

Buyers always have specific needs when choosing a real estate but are often unaware of its potential during the tour. For this reason, we suggest you hire the services of our architects who will draft different solutions for remodelling and furnishing your real estate so that potential buyers can easily visualize its potential and connect with their needs. According to our experience, selling real estate (especially luxury and commercial real estate) is done more quickly and easily in cases where the seller already has ready architectural solutions for remodelling or repurposing their real estate.

It is difficult to find the perfect real estate but every real estate has the potential for adaptation, so hire our architects before buying/selling! Whether you are a seller or buyer, an experienced architect will offer you solutions which might never cross your mind.

An architect can be hired by the seller in order to present the potential of their real estate in advance.
An architect can also be hired by the potential buyer in order to find out in advance whether it is possible to adapt the potential real estate to their requirements and find out how much time and money the selected adaptation solution demands.
Architects will also explain from an expert point of view what can and cannot be changed on the selected/potential real estate, whether upgrades or repurposes are possible as well as which legal requirements must be observed.

And finally, do not worry about the realization, the architects will do everything for you, including hiring and supervising craftsmen. Our 'turnkey' service just got a new dimension.

Basic architectural services:
  • drafting layout variants of the future space
  • drafting an interior design project
  • drafting a 3D visualization of the interior design project
  • drafting the main implementation project
  • architectural supervision and consulting

The preliminary project consists of drafting the interior design project with different layout variants, a suggestion for the interior design with all floor, wall and ceiling coverings (ceramics, hardwood floors, etc.), suggestions for furniture, materials, equipment (sanitary facilities, etc.), suggestions for lighting and lighting position. We also upgrade this by developing a 3D visualization for the final solution.

The main implementation project consists of drafting all technical drawings for the implementation (wall demolition, masonry, laying ceramics, electricity installations, water and sewage installations, statics project, mechanical project, etc. (the projects depend on the client's needs and the scope of the whole project).

If the investor wants to demolish any non-load-bearing wall in the house, change the water, electricity or sewage installations, they must have the main implementation project (pursuant to Article 5 of the Ordinance on simple and other construction works and works (Official Gazette no. 79/14, 41/15, 75/15), the main project needs to be available at the construction site).
In case a load-bearing construction of the apartment/building is being modified, a permit needs to be requested.

Full service, in the true sense of the word.
From due diligence and real estate preparation to ownership transfer and you moving in
with all utilities transferred to your name.
'Turnkey' is not just a phrase for us.



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