Legal services in real estate transactions

The legal protection of our clients is our top priority. In cooperation with our legal team, we provide all clients with legal security in real estate transactions (purchase and sale, lease, rental, private or commercial real estate). It is important to note that not every law firm is ideal for property affairs. Our agency works exclusively with proven and quality laws firms which specialize in property affairs.

Legal security in the real estate business
Agencies which meet the legal requirements for real estate brokerage are registered in to Register or Real Estate Brokers at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. This makes it easy for you to verify at least the minimum – whether the agency you contacted is operating legally and by the rules of the profession.
One of the more important legal obligations is that the real estate agency pays professional liability insurance. 

The agency is required to hire a lawyer for drafting purchase and sale documents (pre-contract and/or purchase and sale agreement). As a buyer, you are in that manner legally insured, and you do not have additional costs because it is included in the agency fee. The agent is required to introduce you to all relevant facts and deficiencies related to the specific transaction. If your future real estate is encumbered by a loan guarantee or mortgage, the agent will protect your interests and will advise you against the purchase if you cannot register your property quickly and simply. Indeed, the agent will do the whole transfer and registration process in your stead.

A full legal service, from documentation verification to the registration of ownership rights and change of possession, is our concern. Since legal security is the most important factor for you in buying and selling real estate, the documentation is double checked. Each purchase or sale is a story in itself, therefore, in the legal sense, it is very important to react quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our specialization and many years of experience, our experienced legal team guarantees a quality solution for every situation in the shortest possible time.

For its clients Biliškov Nekretnine provides the following services:
1. Document verification:
  • Excerpt from the Land Registry (consisting of the Inventory Sheet, Ownership Sheet and Encumbrance Sheet)
  • Construction and Occupancy Permit (for new buildings)
  • Certificate of Title (Cadastre)
  • Excerpt from the Cadastre (copy of cadastral plan)
2. Legal consulting
  • multiple owners, inheritance, encumbrances, annotations, etc.
3. Preliminary purchase and sale agreement
4. Purchase and sale agreement
  • if you are buying real estate by means of a bank loan, the agreement must be solemnized at a notary public first and the bank will make an annotation to the real estate.
5. Proposal for registration of ownership rights
  • the right of ownership is not acquired automatically, but by registration into the land registry on the basis of the purchase and sale agreement and tabular statement.
6. Assistance in preparation of documents for the tax administration
  • you are required to report the purchase of an apartment or house within 30 days after the tax liability occurs, i.e. the purchase and sale agreement is signed, to the tax administration office in the area where the real estate is located. The real estate tax rate is 3% of the market value at the time of its acquisition, and it is paid by the buyer.
7. Submission of request to the Land Registry for change of possession.
8. Rush notes.

Full service, in the true sense of the word.
From due diligence and real estate preparation to ownership transfer and you moving in
with all utilities transferred to your name.
'Turnkey' is not just a phrase for us.



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