Consulting on real estate purchase

A licensed real estate will not try to sell, but advise you.
Buying real estate is not an easy job because every buyer has specific needs and requirements. It is true that you can examine a large number of real estate directly with the owner, but will the owner present all weaknesses of their property? Can you yourself assess the state of the real estate, installations, energy efficiency and potential for improvement? Do you know anything about the neighbourhood you are about to move into, such as transport connections and amenities?

A good agent who is familiar with the market and professional in their job can certainly find the real estate much faster.
Let's say you want your own parking space, swimming pool, terrace, playground for children… If you are looking for something specific, the real estate agent is the person whose job it is to know whether the market has a real estate that would suit your needs.
In addition, at your request our team can make a proposal of remodelling or upgrading your potential real estate with an advance cost estimate so you know at every moment what you can get and how much it will cost you.
Since you will be spending many years in your real estate, the support of an experienced agent has value and weight.

The situation can become even more complex when it comes to business real estate. Business customers can be even more exposed to the wrong choice as inadequate real estate may reduce profits, increase costs and even hinder the business process.

Of course, not everything has to be so negative. All important matters can be verified in advance and on time. If you are well versed in finance, legislation, civil engineering, architecture, energy efficiency, demographics, traffic, contractual relations and administrative procedures, then the process of buying or selling real estate will be fast and simple.
Of course, one person can hardly be versed in all those fields, but there is a solution.
As you always hire a law firm to advise and represent you in legal affairs, real estate also requires professionals who will do this pretty important work for you. Those professionals are licensed real estate agencies.

Biliškov Nekretne is a licensed real estate agency with experience and tradition in business since 1993, staffed with proven quality licensed agents and a proven team of lawyers, architects, construction experts, energy certifiers, assessors, court interpreters and translators, native speakers for foreign clients and other important professionals in the real estate business.

Do not take the risk on your own, contact us with confidence and we will do everything necessary for the whole job to go smoothly and without problems, moreover, we will do all the work for you.
In addition, we have insurance from business risk, in other words, you as the buyer are indirectly insured through our Agency against business risk and in case of any problems. The 'Turnkey' service, in the real sense of the word.

Your Biliškov team.


Full service, in the true sense of the word.
From due diligence and real estate preparation to ownership transfer and you moving in
with all utilities transferred to your name.
'Turnkey' is not just a phrase for us.



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