For sale Malinska luxury apartments four bedroom apartment

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Luxury apartment, sale


550.000,00 € 4.167.848,30 kn VAT included in price Notify me about lowered prices


Wider location:Sveti Anton

Price/m²:3.836,76 €

Surface:143,35 m²



Condition:Under construction

Agency commission:2% + VAT

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Malinska - Rova

Luxury apartment 6 - penthouse with pool under construction, net indoor area 107.40 m2, total NKP 143.35 m2.

The apartment has:

Uncovered balcony of 43.30 m2
Covered balcony of 16.40 m2
Garden area of ​​50.90 m2
Storage area of ​​1.60 m2
Swimming pool (uncovered part) of 12.00 m2

Start of construction: 1.1.2019. years
Planned completion of construction and handover of real estate to the buyer: 11/1/2019. years.

Price: 550.000,00 EUR (440.000,00 EUR + VAT)

Brokerage fee: 2% + VAT from the agreed purchase price


The future building will be located in an ideal position in the village of Rova in Malinska on the island of Krk, 150 m away from the sea, and only 1.5 km from the center of Malinska. The distance to the Krk Bridge and Rijeka Airport is about 15 km. In the immediate vicinity are all the necessary shopping and catering facilities.

Average sea temperatures for June - 22 ° C, July - 24 ° C, August - 25 ° C, September 22 ° C, October - 19 ° C.


There will be 6 residential units in the detached multi-family building, and two parking spaces for each of the residential units on the plot, which is a total of 12 parking spaces.

The future building is designed as a multi-family building, designed to allow greater intimacy and privacy of living in it. This is made possible by two volumes connected by a gallery and a staircase, which are rectangular in plan.

The roof of the building will be flat impassable with a slope of 2-3 °.

The building will be free-standing and will consist of a central volume of stairs and an elevator that will allow entrances to residential units of regular floor plans through open galleries.

The walls of the building are placed in an orthogonal grid in relation to the exterior, which does not adhere to such strict dispositions, but the surrounding terraces, pools and terrain are designed in a freer way and arranged dispersed around the building and follow the natural decline of the terrain.


The multi-family building is planned to be based on a 35 cm thick reinforced concrete slab. Mezzanine constructions will be reported as monolithic reinforced concrete slabs 24 cm thick. The external walls of the building will also be load-bearing and will also be reinforced concrete, 20 cm thick. The span between the load-bearing walls is 8.00 m. Inside the building on all floors there will be reinforced concrete load-bearing walls as a rigid building 18 cm thick. The roof structure will be constructed as a reinforced concrete slab 24 cm thick.

Continuous static monitoring will be carried out during construction. During the construction works, it is necessary to make continuous observations, and upon completion of the works, it will be proven that all conditions for increasing the stability of the terrain and safety of the object in question and the surrounding structures have been met.

Exterior load-bearing walls will be properly insulated with thermal insulation and finally plastered (as Demit).

Rough and fine plaster is provided for finishing walls and ceilings. The floors will be covered with ceramic tiles or parquet.


It is planned to plant indigenous high and low greenery while preserving the existing valuable plantation. The street fence will have a maximum height of 1.10 m.

The multi-family building will be placed on terrain that is sloping towards its northeast side or towards the sea.

The new multi-family building is designed to be in harmony with the existing slope of the terrain and to provide more private spaces to each of the residential units.
Each of the residential units will also contain elements of the exterior that affect the design of the surrounding terrain next to the building, and their design will be at a higher aesthetic level. These elements are terraces / balconies / loggias, swimming pools and natural terrain. The multi-family building is therefore positioned in relation to the terrain in a way that would allow each unit to have as many such intimate areas as possible. The division of land between housing units is accentuated by cascadingly designed superstructures that play a major role in creating the overall picture of the entire building and its exterior design. These retaining walls are not higher than 110 cm, and their disposition has achieved better privacy of each terrace and pool of each accommodation unit.




Heating and cooling is provided in the living room and bedrooms. In the toilets (bathrooms) only heating is provided via underfloor heating and so-called radiators. towel dryer. Heat pumps are provided for heating and cooling for each floor separately in both buildings. The heat source for heating and cooling is an air-to-air heat pump located in the environment of the building, for each residential unit separately. The biggest advantage of a heat pump is that we heat and cool the space with the same source, which is not possible with boilers. By using the heat pump as a source of heat and "cooling", significant savings are achieved in heating and cooling. For 1 [kW] of electricity, 3 to 4 [kW] of heat or cooling is achieved depending on the outside temperature. The heat pump is a type. LG in mini VRF version. An individual system for each floor in each building consists of one outdoor unit and 5 indoor units arranged throughout the rooms, connected by a pipe network guided in the suspended ceiling and floor. The heat pump takes away or transfers heat to the outside air using freon, which then transfers or takes away that heat to the air inside the building. Heat distribution elements are indoor units. Room temperature control is via wired regulators.


The planned location of the heat pump is on the roof of the building.





A tank with an integrated heat pump with a capacity of 200 [l] is provided for domestic hot water.

This boiler system with heat pump contains a tubular jacket condenser, a thermo-expansion valve, a tubular register to which an additional heat source can be connected for heating domestic hot water, a large evaporator, a rotary compressor, a magnesium anode as corrosion protection and a 1.5 electric heater. [kW] which periodically overheats water above 60 ° C as a measure of protection against legionella.

For the proper functioning of this system, it is necessary to ensure the supply of fresh air to the integrated heat pump and the exhaust of air from the integrated heat pump. Two spiro ventilation pipes with a diameter of 180 mm ensure air flow through the system.




It is necessary to ventilate the toilet and bathroom. In the ventilation system of the toilets, the installation of a concealed fan is planned, which are installed in the ceiling. The extraction of the fan is led to the facade of the building and is discharged into the environment via an anti-rain blind for outdoor installation. In the bathrooms there is a bathroom fan that sucks out 50 [m3 / h] of air, while in the toilets there is a fan that sucks out 30 [m3 / h]. Exhaust air is replenished from the surrounding areas via a trimmed door.




In the cooling mode in the devices, condensation of water vapor from the air occurs on the water-air exchanger. The condensate is drained through a polypropylene pipe network to the nearest drain (rainwater, sewer or absorption well). The pipe network of condensate drainage is connected to the indoor units via a flexible hose, and to the drainage of rainwater and sewage necessarily via a siphon connection to prevent the passage of unpleasant odors into the space.


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Luxury apartment, Sale, Malinska-dubašnica, Sveti Anton
Luxury apartment, Sale, Malinska-dubašnica, Sveti Anton

Other information

  • Available from:
  • Orientation:
  • Joinery:
  • Distance from the sea:
    150 m
  • Year of construction:

Real estate description

  • Ceiling height:
    3,30 m

Property equipment

  • Swimming pool

Rooms (objects) with the real estate

  • Balcony 43,3 m², 16,40 m²
  • Storage space 1,60 m²
  • Garden 50,90 m²
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