For sale, Zagreb, Demerje, industrial land

ID: 13529-1

Industrial land, sale


525.000,00 € 3.955.612,50 kn Notify me about lowered prices

City:Zagreb - Okolica

Wider location:Demerje

Price/m²:119,26 €

Surface:4.402,00 m²

Agency commission:2% + VAT

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Industrial construction land with an area of 4.402,00 m2 near the Lučko toll booths.

The width of the land is 35m, while it extends 130m in depth.

The unit has no wired connections (all connections are on the road).

The purpose of the land is economic/production, and the following urban rules apply to the plot:

In economic zones, the size of the building plot cannot be less than 600 m2, the width of the plot cannot be less than, as a rule, 20 m, and the maximum ratio of width to length is determined, as a rule, 1:5.

The total floor plan occupation of the building plot by buildings is a maximum of 50% and a minimum of 10%.

Exceptionally, during new construction, interpolations in densely built-up parts of the zone allow the formation of smaller building plots than those specified in the first paragraph of this subsection, if the conditions for the construction of the building plot and the minimum distance of the building from the neighboring building plots, prescribed by this point, are met.

The height of the farm building from the elevation of the level ground to the roof cornice must be in accordance with the purpose and function of the building and the technology of the production process, as a rule, no more than 12m, except for silos, mills and in cases where technological processes require it.

The permitted number of above-ground floors of a commercial building is not determined. The highest floor can be designed as an attic or a recessed floor. The construction of underground floors was approved.

Exceptionally from paragraphs 4 and 5 of this subsection, in economic zones Hrvatski Leskovac, Sesvetski Kraljevec and Veliko Polje, the height of an economic building can be higher than 12m, and a maximum of 20m, and in the Buzin economic zone, the height of an economic building can be a maximum of 25m.

The smallest distance of the building from the neighboring building blocks is half the height of the building. If h/2 is less than 3m, the smallest distance is 3m.

As an exception to the previous paragraph of this subsection, in already built-up parts of the economic zone, in accordance with local conditions, the building may be less than 3m away from one neighboring building plot, but not less than 1m, under the following conditions:

if the distance from another neighboring building to the road is not less than 3m;
on a building that is less than 3 m away from the neighboring building plot, no openings may be built towards that boundary.
At least 30% of the surface of the building plot must be natural terrain arranged as a park, landscape or protective greenery, and according to other purposes, a park, landscape or protective vegetation buffer is realized in accordance with environmental protection conditions. It is not possible to plan the natural terrain within the reservation of the extension of the existing street.

On plots adjacent to existing residential buildings, a buffer of high protective greenery with a width of at least 5 m must be provided.

Price: €525,000

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Agency fee for the buyer: 2%+VAT

Other information

  • Orientation:
  • Transport:
  • Distance from transport:
    5 min

Real estate description

  • Close to the shop
  • Access - paved
  • Real estate access:
    Car, Truck
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