Organized by the Association of Real Estate Sector at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce seventeenth Real Estate forum was held 4 and 5 May 2012. in Sibenik. The forum was very well visited and evaluated by participants to be extremely useful for their work.

Forum was opened by the President of Commerce Chamber Sibenik Peter Škender and the deputy major of Sibenik county Mr. Zeljko Šimunac.

Forum was attended by approximately 200 participants.

At the Forum, the following topics were covered:

Real estate agents, bond enforcement measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, and specific supervisory practice - Tadija Sakic, the Financial Inspectorate, Ministry of Finance
Amendments to the Law on Real Estate - Mary Kulas, Ministry of Economy
Roundtable on combating the gray economy - Vlatko Kučević, Deputy Inspector General, the State Inspectorate
Actuality jurisprudence - Vitomir Boić, Chief Judge, County Court at Velika Gorica
Settlement of disputes by arbitration in practice before the Permanent Court of Arbitration CCC - Andrew B., Secretary of the Permanent Court of Arbitration
Resolving disputes through mediation before the mediation centers in CCC - Mirjana Košec, Conciliation Center
View of the Court of Honor of the CCC - Zdravko Kezele Kokoric, secretary of the Court of Honour
Changes to the handling of illegally constructed buildings - Ana Mrak Taritaš, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Construction and Zoning
Energy Efficiency - Project Management - Ana Pavicic Kaselj, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Construction and Zoning
Making 5 DOF for the legalization of illegally constructed buildings and manufacturing KB 100 - John Landek, Assistant Director, SGA

Forum is the central event of the traditional gathering of all the subjects in some way involved in the real estate business. Has so far processed more than 135 experts on the topic of real estate, which is a profession recognized as important and of interest. Forum every year attracts more attention of the public and experts in the real estate business, and this year brought together more than 200 experts. The forum is a place where you meet with representatives of the profession and the legal framework. This is a project that contributes to the development and better position the profession and to increase knowledge of all areas of the real estate business.

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