Experiences from practice – what kind of situations do we encounter in our work?

The agents of Biliškov Real Estate are faced daily with all kinds of different situations in practice which often differ from the norm. We will describe in short a few of them and the way we have resolved them to the satisfaction of our buyers and sellers.

Unregulated documents:
The seller decided to sell their real estate but they did not yet transfer ownership to their name based on the purchase and sale agreement with the previous owner.
Our agent instructed the seller in detail about the procedure and suggested that they carry out the procedure as soon as possible. Prior to signing a preliminary agreement with the buyer of the real estate in question, another verification was made to check whether the seller fulfilled their obligation. In the event that the seller did not comply, the buyer would be advised against signing the preliminary agreement until the documents were completely in order.
Our agents perform the transfer and certificate of deed for exclusive clients/sellers.

Real estate under encumbrance:

The real estate owner decided to sell their real estate but it was under encumbrance from the bank.
Our agent instructed the owner in detail about the procedure where the owner needed to inform the bank of the sale and obtain a 'letter of intent' from the bank in which they agree with the situation.
The agent informed the buyer about the situation and personally coordinated the execution of the entire procedure of transferring the funds to the bank's account and then to the seller's account, thus protecting the buyer from errors and prolongation of the whole transaction.

Death of the seller:

The buyer of the real estate signed a preliminary agreement with the seller but a few days later, the seller passed away. After consulting our law firm, the agent familiarized the buyer with the situation and suggested a solution. After the inheritance proceedings and registration of ownership rights to the successor, the agent conducted the sale with the successor as the seller. The agent coordinated and held control over the situation the entire time to the mutual benefit of both sides.

Transfer of utilities to the new owner:

After the completed purchase and sale, our agents transfer utilities to the new owner. This process can lead to problems because utility companies refuse to make the transfer to the new owner until the former owner has settled all debts. In this specific situation our agent asked for a list of all (un)paid debts from the utility companies and due to the debt of the seller, suggested to the buyer not to pay the entire purchase and sale amount until they have paid all utility debts and reduce the agreed price for the last month of using the real estate, for which the bills will become due only after the new owner has moved in.


Full service, in the true sense of the word.
From due diligence and real estate preparation to ownership transfer and you moving in
with all utilities transferred to your name.
'Turnkey' is not just a phrase for us.



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