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Mrs. Jasminka Biliškov – owner of the company, members of the management and other employees of the company often give interviews or provide expert opinions related to the profession and the real estate market in Croatia. Their experience and expertise are published not only in most Croatian daily newspapers and magazines, but also in international media.
We also often participate as expert guests in various national and international TV shows.
Here we present only a small part of our presence in the media. Only five islands have been sold in the last 13 years

 Jasminka Biliskov: "Very few people can buy the island in its entirety. These are generally very wealthy business people, members of royal families, celebrities, people from the world of Formula 1 and other VIP clients. "

Slobodna Dalmacija: Property prices in Split standstill for two years

The reason for the possible increase in asking prices in Split could be a slight positive move in the property market achieved in the first quarter compared to the same period last year, says Jasminka Biliškov. Stone houses - everlasting beauty

Stone houses reflect the old times and irresistibly reminiscent of the old way of life on the Adriatic. There are more interestes for properties

The arrival of spring and good weather wakes up the property market, and customers are showing increasing interest in the purchasing of houses.

Real Estate & Design: Interview with Jasminka Biliskov

 In this special bilingual edition of Real Estate & Design you can read an interview with Jasminka Biliskov, LLB. - Founder and owner of Biliskov Real Estate Ltd.
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